'Sun, Moon, Earth & Frost' Risoprint

'Sun, Moon, Earth & Frost' Risoprint


Print that features artwork originally drawn for an interactive webcomic zine in collaboration with game dev wizzard Nathalie Lawhead. The project is part of a bigger bonus game bundle launched by Indiepocalypse in collaboration with Kuš! comics.

Riso-printed by Pagemasters
Edition of 50
Printed in Aqua blue/blue, orange & light gray colours
A3 - 150 gsm Context Natural 100% recycled paper
P&P is included in the price

Game bundle - https://pizzapranks.itch.io/indiepocalypse-x-kus
Indiepocalypse - https://pizzapranks.itch.io/
Kuš! comics - http://www.komikss.lv/
Nathalie Lawhead - https://alienmelon.itch.io/

Instruction for losing your mind
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